5.8.11 - i've been staff at buck for just about a year now. obviously i haven't updated this site in a very long time. at the very least you can take a look at my reel from '08.

10.7.09 - i've been freelancing again since april '08. an update to this crusty old site is forthcoming.

4.1.07 - i am now staff at national television. good times are being had by all.

6.15.06 - i've updated my reel and website. boards are up.

4.29.06 - the flavor project is now up at thanks to uglyzombie for the music. emie and i are now booked through may. i'll be updating my reel after that booking, so stay tuned.

4.2.06 - after a bit of a delay, flavor is 90% finished. we should be putting it up this week. in other news, i'm on hold through may.

2.12.06 - *emie and i have started work on the flavor project for smilefaucet. i'll then be booked from the 27th to april 7th.